Tiffany Park H.O.A. Yard of the Month 8/2011

Tiffany Park H.O.A. Yard of the Month 8/2011

Texas weather can be extreme. Hot and dry summers can wreak havoc on lawns and landscapes, leaving them weak and unable to fend off insects or disease. A properly installed lawn sprinkler system can provide deep, even coverage with minimum waste of water.

Portable sprinklers are wasteful and inefficient. They over-water certain areas and leave others under watered. Much of the water is lost to evaporation, never reaching the roots. An automatic lawn watering system provides a regular watering, deep down into the soil that encourages root growth. Healthy roots provide the strength plants and lawns need to survive the harsh summers that are common in the Brazos Valley.

At IDC Irrigation, we understand the importance of irrigation to a successful landscape design. We will design and install a system that provides a sufficient quantity of water to your lawn and plantings through the use of efficient, low-maintenance controls and delivery devices. These efficient systems can save hundreds of dollars per year by minimizing water losses from evaporation or runoff.

IDC Irrigation understands the relationship between water, soil and plants, and is dedicated to water conservation. We believe that conservation is an important element in being a good steward of our environment. Irrigation systems designed and installed by our professional staff assist our customers in conserving water by insuring precise timing and coverage, and eliminating any overwatering.

An IDC Licensed Irrigator will propose the most suitable technical solutions to provide the best value for your dollar. Our team will install a system of underground pipes in turf and bed areas, with minimal disruption to your landscape. Our irrigation system warranty covers one full year, and IDC Irrigation will be available beyond that term for any repairs that may be necessary.